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Does it seem like hotel costs just go up and up? It's true that they rise each year, sometimes significantly. Projected rates for rooms in 2017 are over 22% more than 2016. When determining which hotel has the best deal, you don't just want to look at the nightly rate anymore. There are so many other factors to consider to help you save money, both before you book and during your stay. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision.

Keep an eye out for extras!

When searching for hotels, it’s always best to see how far your daily rate can stretch. Think about it….no breakfast vs free breakfast included, or kids under 12 stay for free once using existing beds vs paying for every family member. The same can be applied to food or other common extras. Be sure to take full advantage of what the lobby has to offer! .

Rack up those rewards!

If you are a creature of habit, then you appreciate visiting the same vacation spot or perhaps using the same trustee hotel chain wherever you go. Something as simple as signing up for their rewards program can allow you to upgrade your room or even get a free night or two in the future. This is also a great way to take advantage of exclusive deals that can help you keep your cash in your wallet

Book locations just outside city centres.

Many tourist destinations take it for granted that tourists want everything easy, and so, they try to get you to pay for that ease. Travel savvy tourists however, would know that staying just outside of the prime location and perhaps using cheap transport to get there can save a ton on accommodation. Another tip is to stay near a university. Here would usually have affordable and convenient hotels, food and transportation. .

Grab a bite outside.

Travel can sometimes make us lazy. But the truth is that room service is one of the ways to skyrocket travel costs. Hidden costs such as gratuity and taxes make simple meals seem like banquets when it’s time to pay. Also, it may seem rude not to tip the waiter, so many people find themselves doing it anyway (that cost is always included). Always look up nearby food joints where you can buy local cuisine for a fraction of the cost.

Book a suite/apartment.

If your travel party is larger, a suite can cost much less than adjoining or separate rooms. They offer more space and often have bedrooms, so everyone isn't crammed in the same small space and adults don't have to go to bed early just so they don't wake up their kids when their bedtime rolls around.

Ask for a corner room.

If you are traveling as a group, single rooms can cost more than having everyone altogether in one suite. They are also more spacious than regular rooms and won’t just offer you a bed and a bathroom. This is especially helpful when travelling with kids as you can have the freedom of a larger space and your own space even after they’ve gone to bed.

Find out if a corner room is available.

Although this is not a money saver per-say, it’s a simple hack to feel as if you’ve upgraded your room without paying extra. Corner rooms tend to be larger than regular ones. You can even call the hotel ahead or put in the request when booking it. If it slipped your mind for some reason, you can always be on time for check-in and request in from the receptionist at the desk.

Book a business hotel..

When properties are specifically designed with business bookings in mind, weekends and holidays aren’t at the forefront of bookings, therefore those times are usually cheaper

Forget the minibar, hit the shops!

Let’s not get started on those prices at the minibar! Save yourself the exorbitant charges and take a walk to a local shop or supermarket. There you’d more than likely have access to the same if not a better variety of products at much better prices..

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